About our program

Basic Course Information

  • All courses are taught online in an asynchronous (no regular class meetings) format, using the WyoCourses learning management system.
  • Courses are offered over a ten-week period in the fall and spring semesters, and also in a very condensed 4-week period during J-Term (late December to late January) each year.
  • All courses are 2 credit courses based on the semester system.
  • Courses are graded A, B, C, D, F.  Plusses and Minuses are not used.
  • Courses are open to any students enrolled in a PharmD program at any university, subject to approval by the student’s home university.
  • The tuition for these courses is $1,352 per course, with a $50 application fee and a $50 registration fee per course.

The University of Wyoming continues its efforts to comply with state authorization regulations. The Higher Education Act and current state authorization regulations impact the admission of out-of-state students in the University’s distance education programs. At this time, the University of Wyoming will not be admitting distance education students from the following state: Massachusetts.